Agape Outreach Ministries, Inc.

"Come as you are and allow God to do the rest!"

Our Heritage & History

In the year of 1999, the Spirit of the Lord moved upon the heart of our Pastor, the Reverend Daron D. Lee to go forth and establish a new field of labor so that the Word of God may be increased.  For almost one year our Pastor prayed that God would give him a greater assurance of that which he was being led to do and therefore God gave him that assurance as he caught up in a vision in the summer of 2000.  In this vision the Lord revealed unto him a large church sitting high on the side of a mountain.  This church was illuminated with the Spirit of God, but there were no roads which led to it.  The mountainside was extremely thick with brush and timber and completely laced with thorns and thistles, yet the Word of the Lord came to him and said, “YOU MUST CLIMB THESE HILLS.” It seemed like an impossible task, being confined to the structure of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Organization but he began to climb, and after climbing for five years within the CME Church Organization, God dismissed the vision.  From that day on our Pastor was assured God had called him to establish a church outside of conditional organized religion and in August 2005 the climb began within the realm of AGAPE Outreach Ministries.


From the beginning, there were a few members from previous churches under the leadership of Pastor Lee who were willing to follow the vision given to him.  As the weeks passed, there were others who united themselves with this group, and for 3 years regular worship services were held in the conference room at the American Best Value Inn in Warner Robins, GA every Sunday.


In November 2007,   the Spirit of the Lord moved upon Pastor Lee again to build a Cathedral in the midst of the valley according to the challenge given to Ezekiel pledging him to command the dry bones by the power of the Holy Spirit to “Live”.  At the present time, AGAPE is striving to carry out the vision in the redeveloping area of Warner Robins, GA at 295 North Davis Drive encouraging the community with a visual of “Hope” that a better and brighter day shall come.


Through the years to come we look forward to the church continuing to grow numerically and financially with several new facilities for effective ministry.  We welcome you to become involved with God’s plan for future growth.


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